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            Wuling iron (xiamen) machinery co., LTD. Is an industrial company integrating r&d, manufacturing, sales and service. 10 years, siderite have innovation, and constantly reforming technology, improve product performance, service customers at home and abroad with high quality intelligent equipment, professional manufacturing for thermal transfer film, nameplate, membrane switch, flexible printed circuit board, IMD high accuracy requirement of intelligent screen printing equipment. Currently has a variety of specifications of the automatic screen printing m...
            dynamic 5 sets of fully automatic coil to roll screen printing machine, 4 sets o...

            First of all, I would like to thank our customers for their support and trust, 5 sets of fully automatic volume to roll screen printing machine, 4 sets of professional pre-shrinkable ov...

            What are the printing methods of full-automatic screen print...
            Since China invented woodcut movable type printing technology, the printing method has been changing with each passing day. The most commo...
            What is the printing technology of the adhesive label screen...
            1. High speed and high quality are the development direction of label printing, which will become the main mode of production of label pri...
            What are the characteristics of the adhesive label screen pr...
            1. Use inclined back design, printing and die-cutting to be in gradual contact with mechanical drive to smooth the pressureNo matter print...
            What are the advantages of the adhesive label screen printin...
            1, printing diversity and stability: traditional extrusion type hose pipe first, then the print process commonly used offset printing and ...
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